Thursday, February 28, 2008

Episode Five: Intelligent Design, Paul McCartney, Chocolate, and a Bunch of Other Stuff That Doesn't Really Fit the Theme. Wow, This is a Long Title!


Scathing review of Expelled:

The Orange Man:

Ray Comfort's banana:

Bacterial flagellum:
Chapter 8:

"cdesign proponentsists":
Chapter 10:

Paul is dead:

Shirley Q. Liquor:

And apparently Michelle Pfeiffer was not on the Wonder Years, but there was a Pfeiffer family on the show. Screw you and your dumb facts.

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Elles said...

I can never use Visine again...

I just won't get dust in my eyes, then.

Dan said...

I agree... Pushing Daisies is the best thing on TV. It's very Amelie-esque... I'm bummed the strike fucked it all up this season...

I was gonna post something else about the podcast, but alas, I've forgotten it from my walk from the gym to the PC. Good show, though!


Sean the Blogonaut F.C.D. said...

Have listened to all the shows. Good to see you had a list which you promptly discarded.

Bring back the Shire weather report damn it.

Seriously I recommend ( and I really don't know shit)setting a specific time for the show. Like 30 mins. Create a bit of anticipation leave us hanging :)

I agree about keeping it light hearted - the non prophets and poi have the serious shit sewn up.

That and I come here for the gutter talk and the innuendo. Someone has to provide atheists with a bad name .