Friday, February 15, 2008

Episode Four: Politics, McCain's Neck and Boxing With Jesus

Special guests: Boyfriend Alex and Barry White

McCain's Neck on Jeffrey Rowland's blog: What The Hell Is That?

We're terribly sorry to Ron Paul fans (especially Jake Cordova) who Reed called idiots.

Two ways to make this podcast interactive:
  • When Reed calls for sappy music, hum your own damn sappy music!
  • Listener question: How long do you think John McCain has left to live?

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Edit: Did I really say "Hillary Rodman Clinton?" Oops.


leslie said...

John McCain will die approximately 27 weeks (hey, it sounds good) into his presidency by choking on a pretzel. He will only die because all of his surrounding staff and aides will be laughing too hard at his ironic misfortune to resuscitate him.

The pretzels will have been placed there by Hillary Rodham Clinton herself, in a jealous attempt to overthrow McCain.


kjmitchell715 said...

so far you are the winner. :-)

Elles said...

42 days.

CJDeak said...

I think he will die moments after winning the election, from a champagne cork flying down his throat and strangling him, leaving a stunned Guliani as president

MaggieBennett said...

I think he will get elected, and at the inauguration, the shock of ACTUALLY becoming president will do him in and he will die of heart failure. Instead of attempting resuscitation the media will be to busy swearing in Guiliani to care about the old fart

Just Not Right said...
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Just Not Right said...

Hey guys and gals! Just catching up with your podcast. I love it! I've listened from "We're Coming" to this show today, and will listen to the later episodes tomorrow or early next week.

No worries about Ron Paul. This is America and most people are still entitled to their opinion. Oddly enough, I sort of like John McCain. Anyone who can make fun of himself on SNL is OK in my book. I do think he's old, though... Maybe he'll die from a really bad old-man fart in the distant future. We'll see. ;)

Who are you voting for this November? Just curious.

Keep the shows coming, suckas!! And always believe in yourself.

- Jake =)

Rev. Reed Braden said...

Jake, we're currently in an unplanned hiatus. I'm thinking over some new formats for the show. We may move to uStream and do live video broadcasts. If we end up doing that format, the saved episodes will go on YouTube rather than in a podcast format. We're still going to do something together though, so don't worry.

I sort of like McCain too, but in a contest between Obama and McCain I have to play it safe and vote for the black one, whoever that turns out to be. ;-)

- Reed