Friday, February 8, 2008

Episode Three: Is Religion Child Abuse?

Special guest host Becka joins Reed to discuss different aspects of religion that may be seen as child abuse.

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Polyschizmatic Reprobates Hour:
Apologia Podcast:
PDF, Crimes of the Community: Honour-Based Violence in the UK:

The Jill Mytton interview begins after 16 minutes:


Anonymous said...

Watching the video made me sick. They might as well have comic book schools. Superman is the savior of all mankind, Lex Luthor is Satan, and there's an intergalactic was still going on that has yet to be resolved. I mean, come on already, this is complete nonsense.

mantis said...

nice work reed. It's really great to hear two atheists just chat. Talking about their back grounds and thoughts.

top stuff.

Rev. Reed Braden said...

Anon, there was a Sunday school lesson series about similarities between Superman and Jesus. It was ridiculous.

And thanks, Mantis. My regular co-host is an agnostic, not an Atheist, but she's ill this week.

Doctor Smoke said...

Dude, you guys rock!

whoops, I went all 'yank' there.
I meant, bloody good show, my dear fellow, what what!

marvel at the multitude of accents I can imitate using nothing but a keypad and my warped and freshly pickled imagination.

seriously though, it makes me want to make a podcast of my own.

thanks for making me slightly more crazy,

like a funking fish.

Anonymous said...

They should check out Psyonetiks.

According to my sources it's 98% cheaper than Scientology and made Of 100% FUCKING WIN!

my source is here >

A scan of a Psyonetiks flyer I got handed by a black suited 'Operand' in Manchester Airport.

they have a website @

Sean the Blogonaut F.C.D. said...


You know every song that you recalled was something I sang when enrolled in catholic school. I have the same thing occur, you'll be absent mindedly doing something and start humming a tune.

It's multi-layered indoctrination, sound and song, its encoded on your psyche in a number of ways.

Have you every studied Psychology and memory mnemonics?