Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Episode 10: "Losing My Religion"

Substitute host Sam


Hell is Boring, Chris Shepard

Toccata in D Minor Op. 11, Sergei Prokofiev - The death metal of 20th century Russian piano compositions

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Dan said...

Both bumper songs were great... in different ways.

And mentioning of Cannibal Corpse and Morbid Angel... woot! CC is OK. MA is fuckin' brutal. I saw them in concert once (opening for Pantera)... holy crap, tight band. It was a aural onslaught.

Ah, the good ol' metal days.


Just Not Right said...

Hey Reed, I finally got off my ass and listened to one of your shows. It was very cool. =) I will now go back from episode 1 and get all sorts of caught up. Woo!!

I'm not gay, but I do love me some Rachmaninov. Thanks for being you and I hope you put out a new show soon.

- Jake =)