Sunday, June 29, 2008

TSHF Podcast: Independence Day Special, 4:30 PM Sunday

Tomorrow (today, technically) at 4:30 PM EDT (8:30PM GMT, 1:30PM PDT), tune in for the live video broadcast of Two Smokin' Hot Freethinkers Podcast.

We'll be talking about several issues that are even MORE American than apple pie! You heard me! MORE AMERICAN THAN APPLE PIE AND CAPS LOCK ON THE INTARWEBZ!!!1!

Tune in on the uStream page before 4:30 PM EDT to watch Katie and I in action! You can even interact with the show via a convenient chat room on the page!!!! ZOMGLES!!!

The video is ONLY available to those who watch live. If you download it later as part of the podcast, you will only get the audio... and as we saw last week, that's never guaranteed not to suck.

Do it!

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