Saturday, August 2, 2008

Episode 15: Sex Shop and Peas & Rice

52 Weeks of Romance Boutique

Pictures of our trip to 52 Wks. (NSFW)

Dear Paul

Gaytheist Photo


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Jake Cordova said...

Great show, guys! I had a similar revelation regarding the lack of religious zeal several years back when I asked a few Mormons: "Why are you Mormon?" I assumed the answer would be along the lines of: "Because I know it's the truth" or "Because I feel it's right for me," or something like that, but to my amazment nobody had a good answer. The respones I received were: "It has to do with faith." Sometimes the most I got was a blank stare. Scary!

I wish more people had the ability to think critically, not just regarding their religion, but regarding their entire life, the world, their surroundings. It's easy not to question things, and it might even make a person feel better, but it doesn't make it true.

I've never had religion in my life. Ever. So to me, it's a strange sort of irony that the most I hear or even think of a God, Jesus Christ, or religion in egneral is from atheists. Strange... For me, life is what it is not what it isn't.

Keep on rockin! =)

sex shop said...

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