Friday, August 22, 2008

Episode 18: Real Men Really Love Jesus


Let's spoon.


jazzsick said...

Is God so powerful that He can swallow His own cum?

Jake Cordova said...

Hey Guys! GREAT SHOW!! I mentioned Katie's awesome "Critters" impersonation on the latest JNR, but I totally forgot to say how great your song was! You two completely blew me away. Very cool and funny and just fucking sweet.

Keep up the good stuff,
- Jake =)

Tim said...

Ok ok, I found your show because of Jake of the jnr podcast, and I love jnr, but now I love you guys too! Your show made me laugh out loud so much today, of course that could be due to the six or so I listened to back to back. Anyway, you two are like ear crack. And I have to say, your Jesus song was so powerful, it made me a bit misty. . .down there. Is that even possible for a guy? Well that's the story I am sticking (ha!) to. Can't wait for the next show.