Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Episode 24: Special Guest Jake Cordova and Cannibal Babies (Levelated)

Just Not Right

Jake's Blog

Katie's Blog

The Bodies Exhibit

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Thanks to Jake for joining me!

Also...I am not the computer genius Reed is and have never published this on my own before...so if something is not right then let me know! MMMMMMMMMM K THHHHAAANKKKS. :-)

Levels fixed with The Levelator.


Rev. Reed Braden said...

Katie is much quieter... and I think it went through the Mac mic instead of the Samson. But it's not too bad.

"It just seems like most normal people are asleep, so who do you talk to?"

My friends, who are decided abnormal... at Dunkin Donuts... and Waffle House.

Rev. Reed Braden said...

Oh... and I'm a prostitute.

Rev. Reed Braden said...

I saw two winos doing it in an alley once. I also saw a midget in an astronaut costume, so it all evens out.

mikemathew said...

I would like to go back to Ireland..I spent 16 days there on my own staying in bed and breakfasts and it was the best time of my life..I rented a car and mapped out my own trip. It was fabulous beyond belief..I love Italy but Ireland is the place…nothing like it and the Irish are soooo incredibly wonderful. I actually get tears in my eyes talking about it.

Meredith said...

Dang! This episode doesn't want to download in my iTunes and I wanna heeeeaaaaaaarrrr iiiiiiitttt! *insert obnoxious whine here*
I'm going to go sit in a corner in the dark and eat wet cigarettes now...boo-urns.

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