Saturday, October 18, 2008

Episode 25: At The Roanoke Star


Earth vs. Space

Congratulations Natalie Dee and Drew Toothpaste on your beautiful new bipedal mammal!

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Myles said...

Puppies do smell good. I work with doggies. Small puppies smell adorable.

Also, puppies from pet stores are typically obtained from breeders, and are prone to health issues due to the massive amount of inbreeding they put the parents through to keep the genes in line...

Yes. It's horrible.

That said, the puppies in the mall are probably adorable, deserve to be picked up and played with, and likely smell wonderful.

Bite me Reed and Katie

Jake Cordova said...

Hey guys! Another great show. (I love the on-location recording.)

Just wanted to let you know that I will probably vote for Obama. Like Virginia, Utah hasn't voted for a democrat in many decades. That being said, there are loads of Obama supporters here. It's very strange. So, yeah. Eat that!

Also, the pet stores in the malls usually showcase dogs and cats that have been rescued from the streets, dog shelters, etc.

I adopted my dog, Moses, from the Mall. For a small fee of $75, you get a dog who is tagged, his neutering is paid for, and his first round of puppy shots are covered. NOT BAD!

It's not like a pet store, it's pet adoption. So go to the mall and pet some animals and adopt one.


bobby said...

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