Monday, December 1, 2008

Episode 29: Inappropriate Dinner Conversation

I posted this to my blog, not my podcast.  It originally aired on Saturday, 29 December at 4:00 AM EST.  Sorry for the fuck up.

WARNING! Those prone to discomfort during conversations about abortion should not listen to this episode... or have dinner with Reed.  In fact, never have dinner with Reed, ever, no matter what.

Katie is away with Family this weekend, so Caroline is filling in for her tonight.  Katie will be back early next week and we'll put out an early episode then.

Much thanks to the Audacity Recovery Utility.  The developer of this utility can show up at my apartment at any time to claim his free "You Saved My Life Blowjob".  I'm going to pull out my hair and get some sleep now.  Six hours is far too long to fuck with a 24-minute episode.

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