Friday, February 13, 2009

Episode 40: Numbers Divisible by 10


Music: Ben Folds, Bitch Went Nutz

Interview: Jack Scanlan

Homologous Legs

Young Australian Skeptics

The Pseudo-Scientists

(22:04:09) Meg-Jew: You know what I just realized?
(22:04:25) Reed: Your right breast is slightly larger than your left?
(22:04:44) Meg-Jew: No, they're pretty even. No, we didn't do the hot guy of the day.
(22:04:56) Reed: It's not Tuesday.
(22:05:21) Reed: Why would we do Hot Guy of the Day if it's not Tuesday?
(22:05:23) Meg-Jew: Psh, so? You were talking about it when I got there, and then it's like we forgot about it
(22:05:34) Reed: But it's Friday.
(22:06:20) Meg-Jew: You're dumb.
(22:06:36) Reed: No. I've only had a few drinks, thank you.
(22:06:43) Meg-Jew: Oh, alright.

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