Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Episode 46: Showing Assholes to Abortion Patients

(Warning: Includes Rape)

The flu and money troubles kept this episode out late, but it’s finally here!

The contest I mentioned in the episode, for renaming the podcast for four weeks, is complete.  Podblack and Hedgemonkey tied, donating almost simultaneously.  The next four episodes will be released under the title… sigh… Does This Podcast Make Richard Saunders’ Arse Look Big?.  Thanks, Podblack.  Thanks a lot.  I didn’t want to start a war between nonsensical American podcasts and Surrious-Businessy Australian podcasts, but you made me do it.  Sorry, Richard.

Even though the contest is over and the title will be changed temporarily, we still gladly accept donations and are not above grovelling.  At least I’m not above grovelling.  Megan doesn’t seem like the type.  We can’t do this show without you!

Also coming up in the next episode:  Danny Schade gave us some wonderful bumper music… but until then, here’s the music from this episode:

She Don’t Use Jelly – The Flaming Lips

Three Balloons - Stephen Lynch

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Podblack said...

Oooh! It should actually be: 'Does Richard Saunders' Arse Look Big In This Podcast'? And thanks so much!! :D

posty mcposterton said...

I know Zooey D! She's great!!!


jmilillustrates said...

I know Zooey too. She's been in a lot of cool stuff, and her sister Is Bones.

Alma said...

Oh, this is one of my favorite ever episodes, mostly because of the music! Zooey is great! I downloaded the songs in flac format and then figured out how to convert flac to mp3 so that they are in my media player any time... now enjoying them from time to time when I feel bored.